Thursday, June 24, 2010

What's for Lunch? Open-mic Friday

So I had a little chat with my IT guy (aka, my husband) and asked him why everyone was having such a hard time leaving comments on my blog. Well, he did some snooping around, changed some settings somewhere, and has since assured me that the problem is taken care of. Therefore, I’m putting his skills to the test and getting a little conversation started with today’s post. Let’s begin.

As all of you know, I love food. I love different kinds of food. Dinner is a bit of a guessing game for my family each night because rarely do I repeat a recipe within a month or two. I just love trying new stuff. But I realize my kids need some consistency so I tend to keep their lunch menu pretty routine: plate of veggies, fruit, and cheese or the occasional box of Annie’s Mac n’ Cheese. Then I got an email from my friend Merrie, asking for lunch ideas for her little tikes, and I realized that my noontime offerings were getting a little mundane.

So for Merrie’s sake and mine, please tell us what you serve your family for lunch. While I am looking for kid-friendly options, I also want to know what quick fixes you make for yourself to steal away and eat while the kids are running through their homemade obstacle course on the living room furniture. Or if you don't have kiddos, what's your favorite lunchbox filler that you look forward to digging into during your break at work. I'm just after some new ideas here. However, I have two criteria that I'd like your suggestions to meet:

1. The meal needs to be mixed and fixed in 15 to 20 minutes. The window of opportunity to cook in the afternoon at the Smucker house is a very small one. Between before-naptime-meltdowns and the sudden drop in blood sugar levels resulting in records levels of whining, the conditions don’t lend themselves well to extended periods of time standing by a stove.

2. I’d like to keep it pretty healthy. Now, my definition of healthy may be slightly different than most. When I say healthy, I mean nothing artificial. Hamburger Helper is just not gonna fly here. On the other hand, if your recipe has full fat sour cream or butter, bring it on. I’m all about full fat. Heck, that’s why I work out every morning, to offset the yumminess of real cream and cheese.

Alright, have at it. I implore you: inspire me.


  1. We like PB& Banana sandwiches.
    I usually use the Honey Wheat bread, Natural or organic Peanut Butter and a banana thats fresh, not the mushy ones. Auston likes water to drink but I prefer some lofat milk - and a yogurt cup. Stoneyfield farms blueberry is stupendous :) I'd give you steps on making the sandwich, LOL, but I believe you can figure it out :)

  2. I usually try to give Audrey lots of options, so often her plate will have at least 7 different things on it such as a dab of yogurt, a handful of mandarin oranges, some cheese, some deli meat,some sliced grapes, slices of strawberry, bread with butter (her fave), pickles (another fave), etc.

  3. you should probably get a real IT guy.

    just saying. i know yours, and he doesn't know a thing about the winternets.

  4. My son Luke and I both love what I call "mini meatloaf burgers" Using ground turkey, of course. Instead of baking the usual loaf, I bake small meatloaf patties, using various you like, and what ever else you put into YOUR meatloaf. Great to make the day before, and heat up for lunch! Cooks so much faster that one big loaf!

  5. fot myself : a tortilla with shredded sharp cheese (yes you need a grater for this recipe)
    put on a few strips of leftover chicken, bacon, ham ...whatevers handy.
    (warm in micro or on foil in the oven)
    a plop of sour cream, a few slices avacado, some salsa... and walahhh instant lunch. sometimes I use rice in it also or instead of the meat)

    Devon (whos one) LOVES this too... I just cut his up and skip the salsa or use mild on his... Dawn

  6. We are big fans of quesadillas in our house...but in reality, we just treat a flour tortilla shell like bread and make altered "grilled cheese sandwiches." I usually make one big quesadilla (two large shells) for us to share for lunch. We add all sorts of stuff: black beans, leftovers (if it works), cucumbers are a big favorite...He likes to dip his in plain greek yogurt and salsa. Dipping is fun...

    Another quick fix is any kind of pasta topped with roughly chopped tomatoes, olive oil and basil (fresh if he's distracted long enough for me to run outside, dried if impulse control is low) and a little Parmesan cheese. Sometimes we mix it up and add black or kalamata olives, some sort of bean or other ready to go veggies.

    I'm anxious to see other ideas too! Thanks Maile...

  7. Mai,
    What about the standard "Inverness Ct." summertime lunch??? P-B and J, chips and a drink from whomever's home we could scrounge it up from... :) haha

    Around our house, I struggle with using all natural things (hamburger helper is a standard in our cabinet), however, I do a lot of my prep work on Sunday for the week. For instance, I will sometimes cook pasta ahead of time and put it in the fridge. When we are ready to eat it, stick it in some boiling water, or run it under really hot water and presto - fresh pasta in seconds. I will also cook meat on a Sunday afternoon and put it in the freezer, so it is ready to be put into a casserole or for tacos, etc.

    Thanks for doing this site... I am learning a lot about using a few healthier ideas... that is always good :) I can get here about once a week, so I read everything and catch up then. Miss you girl!