Friday, April 15, 2011

Keeping A Promise

On Wednesday night, Lucy was feeling rather badly about herself because the whole dinner table was gushing over the meal Cade had just prepared for us, and I think she felt everyone had forgotten about her delicious meal earlier in the week. So I pulled her onto my lap and wrapped my arms around her bony little shoulders and quietly told her how I was so proud of the recipes she had made this week that I actually put them on my blog for everyone in the world to see. This immediately cheered her up and she went back to her dinner a bit more fortified.

Little did I know, but her brother had been listening to our conversation. So later in the evening as I was cleaning up the kitchen, he came up to me and casually asked, “Mom, do you think one of my recipes from tonight could be on your blog one day?”

I wanted to cry and laugh and sink into a pool of sadness all at the same moment.

Kids are forever needing our approval and we simply are inadequately equipped to fully satisfy that eternal hunger in them. Sometimes being a parent breaks my heart.

With that melancholy harangue behind us, I am today making good on my promise to Cade that “of course I will put your recipes on my blog because they were so delicious”. However, the following is not a recipe to be over looked as simply a mother humoring her 7-year old.

This recipe was flippin’ awesome.

And it comes from a cookbook that I highly suggest you adding to your library: Nigella Express. It’s one of the latest (if not the latest) installments of culinary poetry by Ms. Nigella Lawson. I would, of course, recommend any of her cookbooks, but I like this one for its attention to superb flavor while being economical with your time. No doubt, I will be forwarding along more links in the future to other recipes by her, but for now, I give you…

Noodle Soup for Needy People

And now I have kept my promise to Cade. I will sleep well tonight.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I'm just catching up with your blog and LOVE all the fun ideas and recipes. You are a wonderful mom and I'm sure the kids will never ever forget this!

    We're planning on making Lucy's cookies this afternoon (we're going to try it with spelt flour for the boys sake)!!