Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The 12 Cookies Of Christmas Countdown

12 days before Christmas. 12 cookies to bake for the pleasure of you and those you love.

I am actually a bit of a cookie connoisseur. Therefore, I assure you that you will not be led astray by any of these recipes because they are my tried and true favorites. I have eaten these cookies in every form: dough, hot from the oven, 3 days old, and they simply don’t disappoint at any stage.

Today’s offering heralds from my earnest desire to eat things that both look beautiful and taste sublime. For me, there is no in-between. Actually, I’d rather eat something that looks sub-par but tastes marvelous than eat something that is gorgeous and tastes like sawdust. But this recipe meets all criteria.

As a child, I loved those little Keebler iced animal crackers with the soft-pink icing. It was back in my “knows not the meaning of moderation” days and I could polish of the whole bag in an average of 2 sittings. But I never could get into the typical iced sugar cookie hoopla. I could pass up plates upon plates of Christmas tree cut-outs slathered in pastel green powder sugar icing.

And then, at the ripe age of 22, I stumbled upon this recipe. It hearkened back to the essence of the Keebler cookies of my youth but were far more sophisticated and evolved; imagine the Keebler elves closing the doors of their tree-trunk abode and moving to Buckingham palace—these cookies are classy.

Most of the recipes from the countdown will be my very own, but this particular one I pulled from a Bon Appetit magazine years ago (December 2000 to be exact). It’s been my go-to cookie-cutter recipe ever since then and now I invite you to add it to your baking line-up.

So here I provide for you the link to these sweet delectables:

Ladies and Gents, I present to you…The Holiday Sugar Cookie with Royal Icing. Enjoy! Link

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