Friday, December 30, 2011

A New Year's Eve Must: The Over 21 Cookie

Last week, in the floury whirlwind that was my Christmas Eve, I added a new cookie to my list of favorites, one I think will make a delightful addition to your New Year's Eve menu. The 1/2 cup of Kahlua qualifies its name, and the addition of espresso might have you second guessing whether you want to share this delicacy with your 3-year old, hence you could also call it "The Adults Only Cookie".

I actually found the recipe in this year's August edition of "Southern Living" and never got around to testing it out till this past week. While I have the habit of fidgeting with most recipes, I followed this one step by step and loved the results; I wouldn't change a thing, therefore, I've provided the link to the recipe here for your convenience.

However, I have two quick notes to add:
1. For all you liquor novices out there whose pantry doesn't include a big bottle of Kahlua, 2 of those little bottles they display at the checkout at your local liquor store will suffice for the 1/2 c. required in the recipe.
2. Be sure to use dark chocolate on top of the cookies; the flavor is far more sophisticated and I'm afraid you'll miss the total effect if you go with milk chocolate.
3. This is an egg-free recipe for any egg allergies out there so here's a late Christmas present to you--enjoy!

If you are looking for a last minute appetizer idea for the big hoorah, tune in tomorrow for a delicious recipe that will take 10 minutes or less to prepare. Happy Baking!


  1. Do you have an espresso machine or can you buy the instant espresso somewhere? Also, do you know if you can get decaf espresso? I can't have caffeine right now, so if you can't use decaf espresso do you think it would work without it?? Maybe I could add more kahlua to make up the difference? :)

  2. Hey, Kristen! You actually can buy the espresso powder but I'm not sure if they have decaf. I think you would be fine to just add instant decaf coffee powder if you wanted or omit it and add more Kahlua like you suggested. If you make an alterations, let me know how they turn out--I'm anxious to hear. Good luck, my friend!