Monday, February 27, 2012

A Thank You

Dear Andi and Woody,

What a gift of respite last week was! We rumbled down your gravel lane on Tuesday night weary from a busy weekend and our tutelage under Willie, hoping to find some semblance of rest in the gentle hills and budding daffodils of Bremo Bluff. And, oh, how we found it.

You welcomed us with Nutella-slathered pancakes that fed our souls as much as our growling bellies. You introduced our children to sweet Caruso, a dog that will be treasured and loved by our children for many years to come, I promise. You offered up your home as if we were family, leaving the door unlocked, the washer empty, clean towels and washclothes waiting.

In the warm breeze of a misty morning, you taught our children about the tragedy of slavery. Andi, I'll cherish the image of my children huddled around Primus's tombstone with you, listening to the history of this land, of these people, while Abra busied herself with brushing the leaves away from his grave site. Thank you for giving our children their first "archeological dig". If they ever become archeologists, I will have you to thank for it.

You taught them more about the incredible tragedy of slavery than any text book ever could have. Thank you for your patience in explaining each aspect of the slaves' lives: showing us their living quarters, the stone walls they built by hand, driving us along the immense prairies that they tended, the "master's" houses they built; it all made the word "slavery" come alive...and break a person's heart at the same time. You are a very gifted teacher, Andi; thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

And Woody, thank you for treating us like long-lost kin. It warmed my heart to see you toss a laughing Sammy into the air or perch a jabbering Abra upon your knee as we sat by the fire. You have a gentleness and kindness that are unforgettable. It was truly an honor to meet you and enjoy your company.

To you both, more thanks than words can express for your hospitality last week; our stay with you rejuvenated us for the long and wonderful journey ahead. We are forever grateful.

Kindest Regards,


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  1. Dearest Maile,
    I cannot express to you how much your visit meant to me, and I think I can safely say, for my dad. He just kept saying, "Lovely family. Lovely family." and I can't agree more. You gave us the gifts of your laughter, the wisdom of children, and the kindness of your spirit. My talks with you and Shawn charged me in new ways, and I can only hope that our friendship lasts for decades and beyond.
    Thank you,